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Progression Workout Nuitrition

Your muscles can "remember" the previous load intensity. This means that over time, the training stimulus should be increased so that the muscle has to adapt again and grow. This is how you increase your strength over time, effectively build muscle or improve your endurance.

It's best to start with a full body workout. The intensity is low (50-60% of the maximum weight), the frequency is high (12-15 repetitions). Your body needs to be prepared for your next workout. Ligaments, joints, muscles and bones have to get used to the load step by step.

The optimal diet for muscle growth contains healthy carbohydrates, low-fat dairy products, lots of proteins and unsaturated fats. Lean meat, protein-rich eggs, fatty fish, cottage cheese, oatmeal, nuts, amino acids, etc. are among other important meals for muscle growth.

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