Partner and Group Sessions

The Benefits of Training with Others 


Group Fitness can provide the missing link to those who need that little bit extra in order to maintain, or even succeed in the quest for improved fitness and quality of life.


It’s natural for individuals to work harder when surrounded by others.  Whether they’re inspired by another individual within the group or are pushed through positive group pressure, training with others helps them to perform at a higher level.


There are 3 different types of Fitness Participants:

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  1. Those who benefit from ‘just taking part’ or ‘for the fun of it’
  2. Those who like to compete with others in a group setting
  3. Those who are simply looking for a good workout


If you fall into one of the above categories, our Group Fitness classes provide the perfect solution, for the following reasons:


  1. Even though they are ‘Group’ classes, they still consist of individuals
  2. Group Fitness classes provide a fun and motivating experience that makes you work harder.
  3. You’re guaranteed to improve your fitness because the Group Sessions are led by our professional and experienced trainers who are adept at working with both large and small groups.
  4. Group Fitness also allows participation for those who aren’t able to financially commit to  individual 1-on-1 sessions with Personal Trainers by allowing professional help for a fraction of the price.
  5. Group Fitness sessions are really, really fun!


We’ve seen exactly what our Group Fitness sessions are capable of and welcome you to do the same! Contact us today to learn more.


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