Swim Lessons

Water Exercise and How it Can Benefit You!

One of our areas of expertise is exercising in water. Swimming and aqua fit exercise is beneficial to many clients. It can either be the sole focus or incorporated as a part of a workout routine.  Clients also experience deep relaxation and tension release when in the water.

The Benefits of Water Workouts

Exercise enthusiasts looking to add another element to their fitness program; the elderly, wanting to maintain their independence in every day life, and the physically challenged wanting to increase their range of movement with greater ease, can all benefit from an exercise program in water.

For example, we worked with an elderly client who had problems with her knees.  While there was some benefit from working in the gym, the client’s elderly husband shuffled around the gym hunched over with little to do.  At our suggestion he agreed to go in the pool and walk about in the water.  It was immediately noticeable that his posture was remarkably improved while walking in the water.

The Specific benefits of Water – How it Can Help You

Water-based exercise will:

  • Decrease impact and stress on the body’s joints
  • Tone the muscles of the body through a full body workout
  • Burn a higher percentage of body fat in comparison to carbohydrate
  • Increase the body’s heart rate and provide a great cardiovascular workout
  • Increase the body’s circulation
  • Increase flexibility which will lead to improved body balance and posture

We’re enthusiastic about exercising in the water as well as swimming and have witnessed the incredible results Water Workouts produce.  You too can experience the benefits of exercising in water.   Give it a go!  What do you have to lose?

Swimming Lessons

Lessons are also available for both children and adults. No matter what stage in your life you are choosing to learn, it is a great and valuable skill to have. I teach lessons in a very relaxed atmosphere. You will quickly feel at ease while we both address your fears and I gradually teach you swimming skills.

For children, safety by the water is taught early on as a priority before then learning the basics in a fun and relaxed manner through games.


Contact us right away for more details and to setup a Water Workout session or a Swimming Lesson.


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