June 3rd, 2014, 08:06:22 Craig

Cardio doesn’t need to be a waste of time when it comes to increased fitness levels and an improved body.  It gets a pretty bad rap amongst a fairly large percentage of gym goers.  Many find it boring, but feel it’s the only thing they can do with any sort of confidence, as the rest of the gym environment is foreign and intimidating.  This poses a MAJOR problem for all gyms and all people who use gyms in the world today.

I recently was on the received a message from an old friend and colleague because of a comment I made on our Facebook page.  Basically, I made a statement how Interval training and HIIT was more effective if you’re wanting to look more like an ‘athlete’.  Now the guy in question is a runner and thought I was saying distance runners and more endurance based participants weren’t “athletes”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I think athletes like Mo Farrah, Mark Allen (six-time winner of Ironman World Championship, and he won 20 straight triathlons from 1988-90), and Patrick Makau (world record holder for the marathon at 2:03:38 – it would easily take me three to four times that to do a marathon).  All are amazing athletes.

But when I made that statement, I was talking about one thing and one thing only – looks.  Anyone who partakes in Personal Training will be using it to help them look better – even just a little bit.  Sure they can be recovering from an injury, or increasing strength for a sport or event; but ultimately, they’ll want to make their body look better, (maybe) bigger, and definitely stronger.

I’ve been in the fitness game for almost 15 years, and I’ve yet to have someone come to me and say “I want to look like Mo Farrah”.  Everyone wants to look like the models on the front cover of Men’s or Women’s Health magazines; maybe the cover of a body-building magazine.

But never a Mo Farah – and I bet Mo doesn’t care at all.  He can’t have that amount of muscle mass and run around 26.2 miles at the rate he does if he did look like that.  It would be impossible.

So if you’re wanting to be another endurance athlete like Mo Farah or Pam Reed, then you need to put the time and miles in.  Cardio would be a huge part of your training and overall programme.  But if you’re wanting to look like a fitness model and have a well defined “athletic” looking body, then you’ll have to change your cardio routine to higher intensity methods, like Interval Training and definitely a lot of resistance work to develop the muscle required.

Chose your mode according to your goals and take it from there.

~Intelligence mixed with Consistency equals Success~

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I have no hesitation in recommending Laura Speight as a personal trainer ... She is quite inspirational and very accepting of a persons’ perceived limitations, although she will ultimately and gently challenge you on them and probably change your mind about them.

Natasha Rebee, Belfast, N. Ireland

I was afraid of water for so long and Laura gave me the chance to learn to swim and have fun in water. She has been so patient and encouraging. I truly appreciate Laura's efforts. I can say that it might be hard but you're never too old to learn how to swim. Just trust yourself and Laura :)

Su Oymen, Doha, Qatar

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